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Advertising Banners - Rates & Conditions

  • Advertising on this site consists of a banner as can be seen at the top of the introduction page of this web site (and above), plus a free webpage for your company to include full details about your services (drinks stocked, food type/serving times, entertainment, location map, photograph and up to 100 words about the pub in general).

  • The banner will appear on various pages in rotation throughout the site - not just on a single page or one which features your pub etc.

  • The banner will be designed by us unless you already have one which meets the banner requirement (size etc) and will be in keeping with the existing style of any text, imagary which is associated with the pub - please provide artwork if you have it. Computer-scanned artwork shold be in either jpg, gif or psd format if you can provide it. Printed material (letterhead, business card, brochure) can be used as artwork in the design and collected by us from your premises if neccessary.

  • Please provide (email) us with the text you want to appear on the banner if it is not part of any scans that you provide.

  • If you require more text than will fit on a single banner, the remaining text can be displayed on a second banner. The banners will rotate - one appearing after the other. Each lasting for a number of seconds before rotatiing again. An animated banner will be charged at the same as a regular banner in this instance.

  • Prices for all banners available upon request and start at 50 per year. Please contact us for our current rates.


Remember. Banner costs are cheaper than advertising for a single day in the local newspaper.
Banners will be on the site for 12 months; 24 hours a day.
As you can see fom the counter on the home page we have currently had over 500,000 visitors since 2002, which is more than you would reach in a local weekly newspaper!